It is with great pleasure that we share with you our latest collaboration with Tom Pigeon. The first time we worked together was in 2019, when we took part in Innis & Gunn's Project Ampersand, and have wanted to collaborate again ever since. 

This time we developed our Neapolitan Set, which features the Fragment screen prints, part of Tom Pigeon's current collection. Originally designed for the studio's first solo show at Edinburgh’s Custom Lane a few years back. 

"I love what COCO do. Not only do they create delicious products but they have also developed a really interesting and unique platform for creatives. The freedom that I have been given to create across both collaborations has been refreshing and exciting." Kirsty Thomas, Tom Pigeon

Kirsty Thompson / Photo Credit: Laura Meek

When we asked Kirsty how she felt about the finished product she told us the Neapolitans "taste delicious and feel playful and fun. I like the idea that people can play with their food, or maybe use the wrappers to create new patterns, collages or little pieces of art".

You can order our Milk Chocolate Neapolitan Set here.

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