As part of our collaboration with Talisker Whisky, we travelled up to the Scottish Highlands to meet Ellis O'Connor.

Ellis is a contemporary Landscape Artist from Scotland, living on the Outer Hebridean Island of North Uist and working in the field of painting and drawing. When we first came across her abstract portrayals of the North Sea, we knew her work would be a perfect fit for our collaboration with Talisker Whisky - reflecting both our artistic vision, and Talisker's connection to the sea.

We met up with Ellis on the Isle of Skye, where she was spending some time painting in a secluded cottage as part of an artist residency program. We spoke about the nature of her work, and her desire to portray Scotland's authentic colours and mood. Given that the country doesn't often enjoy what would be considered 'good weather', Ellis makes a point of capturing Scotland's true colours - because, even when it rains, it's still beautiful.

Her abstract portrayal of the North sea, 'Collision', sits beautifully on the box of our latest collaboration: the COCO x Talisker Gift Set.

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