We just can't help collaborating with talented French artists!

This time we worked with Les canailles, a French duo of artists and illustrators based in Lille. Created by Diane Marissal and Jérémie Leblanc-Barbedienne in 2016, their journey began with a love story and a trip to Buenos Aires. Les Canailles created the stunning artwork that features on our new truffle collection. 

Diane Marissal & Jérémie Leblanc-Barbedienne

D: In addition of Les canaillles I'm working as a freelance designer for packagings so COCO has been part of my mood-board for a while! And I'd also seen the collaboration the brand made with Atelier Bingo, another French duo we ran into few times during illustration fairs.
J: I'm less aware of brands actually, so when COCO contacted us it was the first time I heard about it but it was obviously love at first sight!
Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles

What are your thoughts on COCO as a brand?

D & J: We think it's an amazing process to work with independent artists and let them bring their own contribution to the brand. And it's really nice to see that despite the variety of artists chosen we still see the art direction of the brand, and it was one of things we liked a lot.Cocoa Dusted Sea Salt Caramel Truffles

Tell us a little about the artwork that are now featured on COCO's Truffles...

D & J: We work mainly using collage of coloured paper. For the collaboration, we asked ourselves: how do we represent tastes with abstract shapes. How can the feeling of this flavours be represented through colours and forms? For both designs, we tried to represent the feeling of the flavours of the chocolate: sparkling and intense for Marc de champagne, salty and heartwarming for Caramel au beurre salé.

Cocoa Dusted Sea Salt Caramel Truffles

How did you find the process of working with COCO?

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