Now that Valentine's day is over, it is all eyes on Easter! So what better time to celebrate the launch of our SS24 collection than now.

This year, we have done things a little differently, instead of working with one great artist, we have had the privilege of working with two! The incredible work of Ghica Popa and Otto Iram can be seen throughout our SS24 collection. 

To celebrate this new collection, we have sat down with the two artists to find our more about their work and what inspires them... first up, Ghica Popa!Ghica Popa working in his studio.

Where do you usually work? 

Usually I work from my countryside studio - that I designed. 

Where do you feel the most inspired? 

When I see amazing things done by talented and hard working people, no matter if they are playing football or driving F1 cars, cooking or painting, singing or just working on a hobby. 

Could you tell us more about the process of creating your work? 

For commission projects, it usually starts with a relaxed conversation with the client and finding inspirational things about the company and that specific project. It continues with thinking of ideas and possible ways of solving that specific brief, then with some rough sketching. After that, I often produce one colour drawing or advanced sketch that the clients get to see. And if that goes well, I develop the final version of the artwork.

How did you find the collaboration with COCO? 

Great! I appreciate the fact that COCO trusted completely my vision and supported my drawing style since we first talked. 

Which past COCO artist collaboration have you been most inspired by? 

I tried not to look so much at past COCO collaborations as I didn't want to be influenced by any of them, but I was already familiar with COCO products and the fact that you are always creating nice artsy packaging and very tasty products.If you haven't already, we highly recommend trying the new Milk Chocolate Rabbits!

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