Our SS24 collection has arrived! This time round, we are working with two incredibly talented artists.. Otto Iram and Ghica Popa.

Our Sea Salt & Caramel Truffle Egg Tins and Marc de Champagne Egg Tins are adorned in the artwork of Otto Iram.

In this feature, we sat down with Otto to talk more about the collaboration and the inspiration behind it!

Where do you feel most inspired?

I would say at home, listening to music or reading through books, but I think it's everywhere that we get inspired, during trips or just by going out in the street.

Many things can inspire me such as architecture, graffiti, fashion... it's a mix of all that I would say.

Could you tell us more about the process of creating your work? 

I work mainly with acrylic paint on paper. Sometimes I do sketches but generally I lead unexpectedly and I follow my instincts. I also do collages, especially with paintings that I don’t like. I cut them again so as not to throw them away.

How did you find the collaboration with COCO?

I discovered COCO by chance and I immediately fell in love with the universe and concept of the brand.

Moreover, I really like chocolate so it was without hesitation that I agreed to collaborate. I found it interesting to imagine my paintings on a different support.

Which past COCO artist collaboration have you been most inspired by?

I would say Atelier Bingo, especially for my collages, but I also admire the work of other artists who have worked with COCO, such as Neadsen Control Centre and Les Canailles.

Make sure to order your Sea Salt & Caramel Egg Tin and Marc De Champagne Egg Tin today! They make the perfect gifts for a loved one this Easter.

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