Get ready for an electrifying journey through our All Year Round 2024 collection, in collaboration with designer and illustrator Jordy Garcia, also known as BLUMOO!

Step into the world of Jordy Garcia, a designer and illustrator who truly breathes life into his creations. From mesmerising musical posters to reflections on the tapestry of life and it's quirky encounters. Garcia's art is a kaleidoscope of inspiration. Drawing from the cosmic, spatial and abstract realms that surround him, Garcia crafts a symphony of visuals that captivate the imagination. 

To celebrate the launch of this new collection, we have sat down with Garcia to find out a little more about his work and inspiration: 


Could you tell us more about yourself and your journey with creating?

Hi, I'm Jordy, better known as BLUMOO. My story begins in 2010 when I decided to study graphic design. After completing my degree, I joined a concert production company in Peru, creating graphics for numerous bands. I spent 6 years there until the end of 2019 when I decided to venture out on my own, although I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do.

BLUMOO was born as a graphic design studio, but then the pandemic hit in 2020, and my entire world changed. After trying various things that didn't quite work out, I decided to go back to something I had been doing throughout my career: creating graphics for musical bands, specifically posters. It was in the middle of 2020 that BLUMOO took this new direction, and I've had the opportunity to work with many bands and numerous other incredibly interesting and exciting projects.

Where do you usually work?

I have a small studio at home that I use as a laboratory to create the entire BLUMOO universe. However, there are also times when I go to cafes with Wi-Fi to change the environment. As an uninteresting fact, I must admit that I'm one of the few people in the world who finds coffee unpleasant. I'm sorry! 

Where do you feel more inspired?

I would say everywhere. Obviously, each place depends on the moment, circumstances, among other factors. Especially during the sketching process, I tend to go to parks, museums, grab a bite to eat, take a stroll, visit a friend, check out bookstores. However, once I have the sketch and idea at 100%, I lock myself in my studio.

Could you tell us more about the process of creating your work?

To begin with, I don't have a set process or order of doing things, as I mentioned earlier. It could be that I start with a sketch, whether facing the computer or going out first to seek ideas. I might also grab pencils or markers early on and just draw anything that comes to mind. This initial part makes everything more interesting. Later, once I have the sketch or the idea, whichever comes first, I move on to digitise everything.

How did you find the collaboration with COCO?

INCREDIBLE is the word that sums up the entire process. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and trust, even though I had some family issues at the beginning and got a bit delayed with the deliveries. In the end, I think everything turned out well. The creative freedom they allowed the artist was super cool. I felt really comfortable and at ease. In summary, INCREDIBLE.

What is the inspiration behind these works?

A detail about myself that I wasn't aware of until a few years ago when my mother mentioned it, is that as a child, I used to enjoy looking at doors a lot. I have no idea why, but it's a detail that had a significant impact on me. Often, when I go out, I take photos or spend time observing doors, especially those from ancient or very classic places in Peru. In the DIMENSION art, I drew inspiration from this detail of looking at doors to create a composition of portals, forming a dimension with mystical elements characteristic of BLUMOO.

Regarding ABSTRACTION, in the early days of BLUMOO, I focused more on graphic design than illustration. I am fond of shapes, graphics rich in color but harmoniously balanced, and typography. This artwork is a tribute to those beginnings, to my roots, to all the years of my profession.

When the third proposal (illustration) wasn't approved because it didn't fit the dimensions of the packaging, I pondered on how I could somehow bring everything together and make the graphics feel like a cohesive unit. This led to the creation of MAZES, a combination of illustration with silhouettes, portals, shapes, colours, and abstract composition. I thought, "We did it; this is the BLUMOO universe."

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You can also check out more of BLUMOO's work here:

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