We're excited to begin the new year with a very special collaboration with Glasgow based textile and design studio Timorous Beasties. 

Established in 1990 by Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, this year marks three decades of internationally acclaimed success for the design & print studio. And what better way to celebrate such an achievement, than to pair ip with us in the production of two limited edition chocolate bars?

The Isle of Skye Sea Salt & Lime Milk Chocolate Bar is enveloped in Timorous Beasties' 'Kaleido Splatt'. Alistair McAuley, who co-founded the studio with Paul Simmons thirty years ago, describes this pattern as a 'process of experimentation in mark-making' explaining how 'if you have been doing work over the years which is very detailed, and arguably representational, it's nice to develop new ways of addressing pattern'.

The Rose & Black Pepper Dark Chocolate Bar is packaged in 'The Edinburgh Toile', a design that was part of Timorous Beasties collection, readapted by the duo for the purpose of this collaboration. Paul Simmons told us this pattern is 'a take on a very traditional kind of fabric that was designed around the time of the Enlightenment' and that he felt it was well suited to COCO as it 'tells a little bit about the chocolate, and about COCO coming from Edinburgh. It gives you a hint of the tastes and flavours that may be in that chocolate'

We thoroughly enjoyed joining forces with a brand that shares our passion for art an innovation, and we're excited to launch the COCO x Timorous Beasties collection on Saturday 18 January. The limited edition bars will be available via our website. 

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