Single Estate Dark Chocolate 50% Cacao Thins

Elegant dark chocolate Single Estate 50% cacao content made with fine flavour cocoa beans from a single farm called "El Rosario" located in the Necocli region on the north-eastern coast of Colombia; distinctive cacao notes with the perfect balance between sweetness and bitter tones

Weight: 180G
Cocoa Origin: Colombia
Artwork: Sebastian König

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, vanilla extract. Cocoa solids: 50% minimum.

Allergens: May contain traces of soya, milk, peanuts, nuts, and gluten.

Impact Trade Palm Oil Free Vegan Vegetarian

The Art of Chocolate

Sebastian König

Hamburg / Germany

Sebastian is an illustrator and graphic designer working mainly in the fields of editorial and commercial illustration. His artworks are defined by a rough papercut-like vector style, grainy textures and well picked color compositions.

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