After spending time in Bogotá we climbed into our rented 4WD and started making our way to Medellín. Technically we were driving north, although it felt like we were driving downhill the whole time. It was a very odd feeling, but nevertheless one of the most picturesque journeys of my life.

Medellín is the second largest city in Colombia and the capital of the mountainous Antioquia province. Considered one of the most dangerous cities in South America up to ten years ago, it underwent tremendous change and successfully lost this reputation over the years. I couldn't wait to get there. 

The Antioquia province is a fertile region known for its coffee (and of course cacao!) plantations. It's also often referred to as the City of Eternal Spring because of its idyllic climate.

COMUNA 13 is one of the most 'infamous' districts in Medellín. It used to be one of the most dangerous areas in the country across the 80s and 90s. Today, thanks to community projects, the most impoverished district of Medellín has become the most colourful part of the city, filled with street art and murals.


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