On the first Saturday of the month, it has become a tradition to welcome small groups of chocolate enthusiasts into our Edinburgh Chocolate Kitchen. We've been running our workshops for years now and, no matter how many times we have opened our kitchen to the public, it's still one of our favourite rituals!

We tell them a little more about our business ethos; how we personally ensure our farms in Colombia are operated in a sustainable way, and how much we enjoy our yearly visits to catch up with what has become our extended family. We then take the groups into the kitchen and let our Chocolatiers teach them how to do their magic.

Last month, the first group entered our Chocolate Factory at 10 AM filled with energy and curiosity - although a few of them confessed to not eating breakfast! Luckily, there is always plenty of chocolate waiting to be tasted…

“The amount and variety of chocolate we got to taste while there was incredible. And we got to take so much home!” CForrest9, Tripadvisor

The first thing our students learn is how to hand temper chocolate on marble. While as a process it looks beautiful and fairly easy, having tried it ourselves, we can guarantee you that it isn’t. Hand tempering chocolate is a craft that takes time to master, and our highly skilled chocolatiers make it look a lot simpler than it actually is. That been said, we occasionally witness a few naturals who manage to get the hang of it after a few attempts.

The group went on to learn how to make moulded chocolates, fruit-filled and infused broken chocolate and hand tempered chocolate shells. Finally, the chocolate students filled their newly made chocolate shells with a range of flavours and made their first truffles!   

 “Fascinating, fun - and completely delicious!”  Bexlinda, Tripadvisor

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