Here at COCO, our passion for art is as strong as our love of chocolate, which is why we view our products as miniature artworks. As so much thought goes into the making of each chocolate bar, why shouldn’t it look as amazing as it tastes? This was the reasoning behind our decision to commission bespoke artworks by emerging independent artists from around the world and to use their creations as the wrappers for our chocolate.


We are fortunate to have worked with a range of fantastic international artists and look forward to our next collaborations (updates to come soon - we promise!). From French artist duo Palerfoi, who created the beautiful design for our Gin & Tonic, Salted Caramel, and Orange chocolate wrapping; to one of America’s top artists William LaChance, who painted our drinking chocolate tube, turning the product into a contemporary piece that wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery.

Mari Campistron

Our collaborations are with established artists as well as young independents seeking a platform to showcase their work. Our latest wrapper designs have been created by several artists including Parisian artist François Mangeol, whose attachment to humanism in art pushes him to find the extraordinary within the ordinary; award-winning illustrator Stephen Smith, who is known for his multi-disciplined line of work; talented Glasgow based illustrator Mari Campistron; and GSA graduate Rachel Hood.


The bar is set high with the passion and creativity shown by these artists, and we are determined that our artistic high standards continue. We are constantly on the lookout for new independent artists, eager to create stunning pieces for our wrappers. So if you know of any great emerging artists please let us know!

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