When The Wallace Collection approached us saying they wanted to celebrate the full-scale conservation and restoration of the front facade of Hertford House, their collection's home, we couldn't resist them. A bar of COCO chocolate, uniform yet delicately grooved did indeed feel like the perfect vessel for showing off their new, ever so gracefully applied facelift.  

The Wallace Collection Museum worked with contemporary designer Michael Paul Lewis to create a series of prints that celebrate the unveiling of the museum's recently renovated façade. We were fascinated by the diligence with which the whole exterior had been re-done. Suddenly 'tuckpointing' the painstaking art of applying two contrasting colours of mortar in the mortar joints of brickwork, to give an impression that very fine joints have been made, entered our dictionaries. 

Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Hertford House, home to the Wallace Collection, Lewis produced a beautiful hand drawn illustration that we adapted to fit three bespoke 80g chocolate bars.

'Hertford House' features on our Colombian 40% Milk, Orange Milk and Isle of Skye Sea Salt Dark chocolate bars. All bars are available for sale via the Wallace Collection Shop.

A spokesperson for the Wallace Collection said:

"The team at COCO have been brilliant to work with because they understood from the get go that these are more than bars of chocolate, they are a celebration of our museums’ history.

The look and feel of the bars really speak for themselves. They're the perfect platform to celebrate Hertford House's graceful new facelift!".

While our COCO Core Collection is a celebration of the contemporary and The Wallace Collection pays homage to the past, joining forces and bringing to life this special project for them was an amazing experience, and something we've loved doing.

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