If you ever find yourself in need of an excuse to eat chocolate, we have the solution for you!

Research shows that dark chocolate contains a number of natural compounds that carry a variety of health benefits. This is particularly true in the case of vegan chocolate, as it is directly obtained from cacao - often referred to as a ‘superfood’. Recent studies suggest that the positive effects of cacao on the human body can be attributed to the high amount of healthy nutrients it contains - particularly flavonoids, as they have great antioxidant effects.A study conducted by The University Hospital of Cologne points at cacao having a possible positive effect on lowering blood pressure. Another study published in The Journal of Nutrition suggests eating chocolate can lead to the reduction of LDL cholesterol.Without getting too technical, here are a few of the top benefits of vegan chocolate: 

>> It improves heart health 

>> It contains Antioxidants 

>> It contains minerals & vitamins 

>> It improves brain function

     So what are you waiting for? Head to our shop and stock up on our vegan chocolate!

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